Internet Connected Video Security

Internet Connected Video Security is under attack We are all at risk if we don’t begin the process of securing our security and surveillance devices and internet connected convenience devices. The mobile app’s that provide access to our home & businesses internet connected video security are becoming easier to set-up. But the cost of easy […]

Krack Wireless Hack affects Video Security, Access Control and Everything Else!

How “KRACK” (Key Reinstallation AttaCK) affects video security, surveillance cameras, access control and IoT devices. A Serious flaw has recently been discovered in the Wi-Fi Protected Access WPA2 protocol that lets attackers intercept passwords and more. This one of the more serious threats our new connected world has faced. Security flaws do not get much […]

Secure video security internet viewing Lorex-Flir security DVR’s

Best Practices for Secure Video Security Viewing We have recently seen an increase in attempts to “hack” certain security systems. Some of these attempts have been successful. Your security is our highest priority. We are committed to making our products more secure in an ever-evolving and challenging cyber environment. We are taking all necessary steps to address this […]