Tampa Area HD Video Security Installation Repair Service

Red Hawk Security Provides the Tampa Area HD Video Security Expertise throughout the  Metro Area. Red Hawk Video Security serving Business, Multi-Family Housing and Residential homes and gated communities with expert Video Security Installation, Sales and Repair Services. Our experienced security professionals provide many types of video security solutions in the following Cities, Counties and […]

Surveillance equipment standards

Video security and surveillance equipment use two broadcast standards, NTSC and PAL, sometimes called “European PAL” and “North American NTSC”. Knowing which standard your Surveillance equipment, security cameras or video recorder uses is essential when updating firmware. Since most security & surveillance equipment is manufactured in Asia for use worldwide either standard can be used […]

Krack Wireless Hack affects Video Security, Access Control and Everything Else!

How “KRACK” (Key Reinstallation AttaCK) affects video security, surveillance cameras, access control and IoT devices. A Serious flaw has recently been discovered in the Wi-Fi Protected Access WPA2 protocol that lets attackers intercept passwords and more. This one of the more serious threats our new connected world has faced. Security flaws do not get much […]

Surge Protection is a Vital for Video Surveillance Systems

Protect your video surveillance systems with high quality surge protection  Surge protectors are an inexpensive way to protect your security cameras and expensive electronics from spikes in electrical current that can cause severe damage to connected devices.  Microchips found in Analog, HD, Hybrid, Network video recorders and security cameras and surveillance monitors are very sensitive […]